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Complete solution in mobile energy

Volta Energy offers the total solution in mobile energy supply. If parties need mobile energy at locations where there are insufficient grid connections for their power needs, they currently often rent a diesel generator. We offer customers from the construction, festival and event market the opportunity to generate sustainable off-grid energy. Volta Energy has developed hybrid products ranging from 6 to 120 kVA. These systems are suitable both for temporary consumption with peak power (peak-shaving), and for long-term use. Volta Energy’s systems are mobile and flexible. We believe that renewable energy can become the heart of mobile power supply, by cleverly combining existing technologies with IOT solutions. We offer the alternative to a conventional generator, but more sustainable, affordable and user-friendly.

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Engineering and Sustainability

Roel and Luc came into contact with technology and sustainability at an early age. The father of the house was chief technical officer (and later a teacher of technique) and the mother of the house was always aware of nature, even before the term was invented, but in a trendy way. She was a teacher of man & nature. After work, their father could be found in the barn and the mother in the vegetable garden. Of course, early on Roel & Luc walked on wool socks and had to separate the plastic. Father provided the pragmatic and technical touch.

The boys learned to weld at the age of 10 and 8 respectively. In Roel’s case, this upbringing resulted in a primary school period in which lectures were not about guinea pigs and the dog, but about biofuel and solar energy.

The perfect choice

After primary school, it was time for the Technasium. There, project-based work and sustainability were further stimulated. Choosing HBO mechanical engineering was the golden choice because of his practical approach. Luc loved welding from an early age. If there was a battery and there were LEDs or electric motors, you could bet that a spinning Christmas tree would be soldered together. After high school, Luc naturally went into electrical engineering.

During his first year at HBO, Roel came into contact with a wind farm consultancy firm from Oosterbeek. During the freemibo of one of their projects, they turned out to have a problem: during wind farm openings, they invited people and served coffee and tea, using a petrol generator. This was obviously not in line with the company’s core values. Roel offered that this could best be done differently, the consultancy was crazy enough to actually agree to this plan.

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The start of Volta EnergyΒ 

The subsequent building of the conceived ‘solar trailer’ in the parents’ barn happened immediately. After this, Roel set about commercialising this idea. As an engineer, this obviously came to nothing. Six months later, fortunately, it was time for the minor. The minor ‘entrepreneurship’ was chosen and within four months a first customer was found (the municipality of Arnhem). Fortunately, the college allowed graduation within the yet-to-be-founded company. In 2017, graduation began with the next assignment: developing a solar-powered mobile energy supply in the company’s own premises. At several competitions in the year of foundation, the idea stood out and this resulted in a number of prestigious awards, including best start-up entrepreneur of Arnhem.

Since then, the brothers have been working day in, day out to make the mobile energy market more sustainable. They develop the solutions themselves and tackle it site by site, event by event.


Socially engaged

Volta Energy is not only committed to a greener world, but also to people with a distance to the labour market.

Volta Energy has a partnership with Iederzijn, a care workplace in Westervoort where people with a day care indication work. Every Wednesday, they come to Volta Energy to do odd jobs together under the guidance of the employees. And they love it!

This way, we make sure they have a nice day. And not only them, because we too keep a broad smile!

Thus states the supervisor of Everyzijn:

”By working with Volta Energy, our clients have a meaningful day out where they can fully express their talents”.

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