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Complete solution in mobile powerΒ 

Volta Energy provides a complete solution in mobile power. Currently, whenever partners need mobile power in locations where there are insufficient grid connections for their power needs, they often rent a diesel generator. We offer customers from the construction, festival and events sectors the opportunity to generate sustainable off-grid energy. Volta Energy has developed self-sufficient products ranging from 3 to 120 kVA. These systems are suitable both for temporary use with peak power (peak shaving), and for long-term use. The batteries charge completely using solar energy, (including during daylight). We believe that renewable energy can become the foundation for mobile power supply, by cleverly combining existing technologies with IoT solutions. We offer a more sustainable, affordable and user-friendly alternative to a conventional generator.Β 

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Engineering and SustainabilityΒ 

Roel and Luc were introduced to technology and sustainability at an early age. Their father was head of maintenance, and later became an engineering teacher. Their mother was always actively involved with caring for the natural environment. As a teacher in Humankind & Nature she adopted a very modern approach to her subject. After work, their father could be found in his shed and mother was in the vegetable garden. Roel and Luc were brought up to value the importance of sustainability and, even as children were already told to separate plastic from other waste. Father provided the pragmatic and technical input.Β 

The boys learned to weld at just 10 and 8 years of age. In Roel’s case, this upbringing resulted in primary school presentations that weren’t about guinea pigs or the pet dog, but about biofuel and solar energy.Β 

The perfect choiceΒ 

After primary school, he went to a Dutch Technasium. Where project-based learning and sustainable practices were further encouraged. His choice of mechanical engineering degree at a university of applied sciences was a perfect match because of its practical approach. Luc loved welding from an early age. Just give him a battery, a few LEDs and an electric motor, and you could bet that he would then solder together a spinning Christmas tree. After secondary school, it was only logical that Luc would go into electrical engineering.Β 

During his first year at a university of applied sciences, Roel came into contact with a wind farm consulting firm based in Oosterbeek. During a few drinks at the end of a busy week working on one of their projects, they realised they had a problem: at the official opening of a new wind farm, they would invite people and serve their guests coffee and tea, using a diesel generator. This was obviously inconsistent with the company’s core values. Roel suggested that there was a better solution and the company agreed.Β 

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The start of Volta EnergyΒ 

Straight away, Roel began building the β€˜sun trailer’ he had come up with in his parents’ shed. He then went on to making his idea more commercial. As a technician, this was obviously something he was less good at and so his initial plans failed. Six months later, it was time to choose a minor for his degree. He chose entrepreneurship and, within 4 months, he found his first client (the municipality of Arnhem). Fortunately, he was able to graduate while working on a company that had still to be set up. The company began in 2017 with his graduation project: Setting up a company to develop a solar-powered mobile energy supply. The idea stood out in several competitions in its first year, resulting in a number of prestigious awards, including best start-up entrepreneur in Arnhem.Β 

Since then, the brothers have been working day in and day out to make the mobile power market more sustainable. They develop the solutions themselves and tackle one site and event at a time.Β 

Socially engagedΒ 

Volta Energy is not only committed to a greener world, but also to helping people who have low employment prospects.Β 

For example, Volta Energy has a partnership with Iederzijn, a Social Care workplace in Westervoort that employs people with long-term care needs. Every Wednesday, they come to Volta Energy to work together under the supervision of the staff. And they love it!Β 

We make sure they have a great day. And they’re not the only ones. We also really enjoy spending time with them!Β 

The supervisor from Iederzijn explains:Β 

“By partnering with Volta Energy, our clients have a meaningful daytime activity, where they can put their talents to full use.”Β 

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