Hybrid and sustainable power supply in the agricultural and farming sector 

Hybrid and sustainable power supply in the agricultural sector

Sometimes work needs to be carried out in a natural area. Deep in the forest or on a remote piece of farmland, for example. In many of these cases, there is no power socket available, but energy is required. To connect a water pump, measuring equipment or power tools, to name but a few. Volta Energy’s mobile Solar Generator offers the solution.

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Hybrid and sustainable power supply in the agricultural and farming sector 

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The power generators come in different sizes - from 6 kVA to 120 kVA - so that all construction sites and events can be supplied with renewable energy on site. Our bio-solar-hybrid generators are more sustainable than conventional diesel generators and hybrid diesel-battery generators. When the sun is not shining, our generators automatically switch from solar to battery and then to bio-diesel genset. This way, we make sure you always have power..

More environmentally friendly and climate-neutral

Our hybrid power generators run on solar, battery and bio-diesel. That means less fuel is needed to keep the generator running, it makes less noise, emits less CO2 and causes less odour. In short, it is the ideal power supply for the countryside because it causes less disturbance to fauna and flora. Environmentally friendly generated energy. That’s what we stand for with Volta Energy.

Power anytime and anywhere 

Because our generator runs on hybrid energy and we fill it with bio-diesel as soon as necessary, you can achieve a power supply anytime, anywhere. Even during rainy periods and in the evening hours. This makes the system particularly suitable for providing power in usually hard-to-reach places and is widely used by nature management and foundations and in agricultural work in the farming sector.

Discover the possibilities 

The possibilities of the system are almost endless. For instance, for sprinkling farmland, diverting a stream or collecting data in the middle of a dense forest, you turn on the mobile power supply. But even at the opening of a newly built park, for instance, where you want to serve coffee and need a sound system, the Volta Naos comes in handy.

In short, our generators are used to provide power for work in natural areas. A single system provides sufficient energy for a water pump, measuring equipment or power tools, but when more energy is needed – for whatever reason – various modules can be connected together, enabling us to increase capacity fivefold. Feel free to contact us and get inspired.

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