Hydrogen power unit

Hydrogen power unit

Would you like to rent a hydrogen power unit that allows you to run completely emission-free? Volta Energy offers you the solution! With our solar-powered hydrogen power unit, you first generate electricity using the sun. The backup generator is powered by hydrogen instead of diesel. A sustainable solution that also prevents nuisance in the neighborhood, because these hydrogen power units do not smell and do not make noise. A perfect solution for temporary energy supply!

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Hydrogen power unit

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The power generators come in different sizes - from 6 kVA to 120 kVA - so that all construction sites and events can be supplied with renewable energy on site. Our bio-solar-hybrid generators are more sustainable than conventional diesel generators and hybrid diesel-battery generators. When the sun is not shining, our generators automatically switch from solar to battery and then to bio-diesel genset. This way, we make sure you always have power..

Choose your solar powered hydrogen power unit

You can rent a variety of hydrogen power units from 6 kVA to 120 kVA from us. Thus, we perfectly match the power supply to the needs of your project. Moreover, with this smart way of generating energy, you save 100% CO2 and nitrogen compared to the conventional diesel aggregate. We are happy to advise you on the right type of hydrogen power unit that best suits your project.

Why rent a hydrogen power unit?

When you have a (construction) project or event planned, there is not always (sufficient) mains power available. This can be solved with a generator. By choosing a hydrogen power unit with solar panels you choose the most sustainable way of generating energy. This is not only a better choice for the environment, but also against noise pollution. After all, your generator runs on the sun and on water with the only residual product being pure water.

Unique hydrogen power unit, the benefits!

We are very proud of the innovation we have made in the already sustainable solar generators. Whereas these were normally equipped with an HVO 100 backup generator running on biofuel, we have now been able to develop an even nicer solution where the backup generator is powered by hydrogen. This is not only better for the environment, but also ensures that you will never be idle in the late hours. The backup hydrogen power unit automatically switches on when the solar power is no longer sufficient. This makes the complete genset completely whisper-quiet and odor-free at any time of the day.

Higher efficiency through fuel cell

The electricity in our hydrogen power units is generated by a fuel cell. The advantage of this is that the efficiency is higher than with a combustion engine running on hydrogen. The fuel cell converts the hydrogen electrochemically into electricity. Thus, only water comes out of the exhaust. Renting a hydrogen power unit from Volta Energy means that you generate completely emission-free and efficiently, without noise or nasty smells. In areas with the strictest environmental requirements, the hydrogen power unit can also be used without any worries.

Want to know more?

Do you need temporary power on a construction site, at an event or for another project? With a solar hydrogen power unit from Volta Energy, you are always in the right place. We are also happy to give you an indication of the savings you can make with this type of generator compared to a conventional diesel generator. Want to know more? Please contact us for more information or a free quote.

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Frequently asked questions

A hydrogen power unit is a device that cleverly converts hydrogen into electricity. In the case of our hydrogen power units, the hydrogen is converted into electricity by means of a fuel cell, providing high efficiency.

Renting a hydrogen power unit is a good idea when temporary power supply is needed in a place where you would like to work sustainably, odor-free and noise-free. It comes in perfectly handy for projects where nitrogen restrictions or other environmental requirements are in place.

Volta Energy’s hydrogen power units are powered by both solar energy and hydrogen. As a backup, you add hydrogen, for which you are given the appropriate instructions. Furthermore, the generators are completely self-sufficient.

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