Solar power generator

Solar power generator

Looking for an off grid power supply that works anytime, anywhere? One that allows you to save, is incredibly quiet and also contributes to preserving the climate? Then let Volta Energy surprise you with our unique solar power generator.

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Solar power generator

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The power generators come in different sizes - from 6 kVA to 120 kVA - so that all construction sites and events can be supplied with renewable energy on site. Our bio-solar-hybrid generators are more sustainable than conventional diesel generators and hybrid diesel-battery generators. When the sun is not shining, our generators automatically switch from solar to battery and then to bio-diesel genset. This way, we make sure you always have power..

Advantages of a solar-powered genset

The most important advantage of a solar genset is the absence of the need for fuel. So no lugging around jerry cans full of petrol or diesel and, more importantly, you will save a lot on your fuel costs in the long run, allowing you to recoup the investment in a solar genset relatively quickly. If you are using the generator temporarily or on a limited basis, then renting the genset may be a better option.

Besides these cost savings, the solar-powered genset also operates incredibly quietly. After all, no motor is required to generate the power. This makes the power generator the ideal energy supply for remote nature areas or public locations; after all, people and animals are not disturbed by noise. In addition, the solar-powered genset does not leave behind any odour and CO2 emissions are greatly reduced, thus creating a green image for your organisation.

Possibilities of a solar generator

Our solar-powered generator is ideal for companies in the agricultural sector that need a power source far out in the field. But the sustainable generator is also an ideal solution for construction companies and public authorities that want to create or maintain a green image or event organisers. Would you like to know what the possibilities are for your organisation or for you as an individual? Contact us without obligation. We will be happy to tell you more about it.

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Frequently asked questions

Our solar-powered generators contain solar panels that generate solar energy. For more information, check out this page! The power generators come in different sizes – from 3 kVA to 120 kVA – so that all construction sites and events can be supplied with renewable energy on site.

Solar-powered gensets are used for everything that conventional gensets are also used for. This means that they are mainly used in places where power is impossible or very difficult to get. But that is not all. In buildings like hospitals, a solar generator forms an emergency power supply. When the power fails, a solar-powered genset is used to generate power.

Easy question, long answer!Β  The solar panels on the genset support the battery, reducing the need to run the genset. For the whole technical story, check out this page!

That depends on the model you rent from us. Our models are the 6 KvA, 15 KvA, 45 KvA and 120 KvA. Take a look at the different models and choose which one you need.

The cost of renting a Volta Energy solar-powered genset depends on a number of factors. The price is therefore variable. When requesting a quote, you can fill in all the details and get a price estimate from us as soon as possible.

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