Green building? You can do even better with solar panels!

Green building

Green building is gaining focus and attention. From the government, but also from property developers, architects and construction companies. Fortunately, because the impact of the construction sector on the environment is considerable. And despite energy-neutral buildings and the use of environmentally friendly materials, emissions keep rising to record levels. Extra steps are needed. And we are happy to help the construction sector with that.

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Green building? You can do even better with solar panels!

This is green building today

Green building is building with people and the environment in mind. To reduce emissions and preserve biodiversity. This is important because it also creates a healthy living environment in the cities and towns of the future. This is what is currently happening in the field of sustainable and green building:

β€’ Circular building
Circular construction is a form of sustainable building that uses as few new raw materials as possible and reuses as much as possible. In practice, this means using as many natural and reusable materials as possible in construction as well as in operation.

β€’ Sustainable structures
Green building starts with green design. That is why sustainable products and materials are taken into account from the very first sketch, and buildings are designed to be energy-efficient or even self-sufficient. This ensures sustainability.

β€’ Environmentally friendly demolition
A lot of waste is generated during construction and renovation. Especially if a building has to be demolished first. In many cases, this waste is already being recycled in one way or another, for example to make new materials or possibly as fuel.

Energy use lags behind

What is striking about the ways in which efforts are being made is that it is mainly about materials. About reducing waste and (re)using naturally friendly products. The energy-neutral character of new buildings is also a spearhead, but energy consumption during construction often remains underexposed. Yet that is precisely where a big profit can be made, as the construction sector is responsible for about 40% of total energy consumption in the Netherlands.

Solution: green building with solar energy

At Volta Energy, we provide the solution to that problem: a green generator. With our portable solar panels, construction can take place anytime and anywhere, without harming the environment or inconveniencing residents or workers. Without nitrogen and CO2 emissions and without noise or odour. In addition, green building with solar energy has other advantages for construction companies or property developers:

β€’ No more requests for construction power
With our solar panels, applying for construction electricity is a thing of the past. This means you don’t have to wait months for approval and carry out excavation work to realise the construction connection. Our solar panels provide enough energy to power homes and charge large electrical equipment. So you can get started right away!

β€’ Lower fuel costs
Building requires energy. And energy is provided by fuel. Traditionally, diesel generators are used to build in places that are difficult to reach. These generators consume a lot of fuel. And fossil fuel too. The costs can be quite high. With a solar-powered generator of 120 kvA, for example, you can save up to €1250 per week on fuel costs!

β€’ Green image
Also important: a green image. By building green, you create a sustainable and eco-friendly image of your company or project. This ensures support in the immediate surroundings. Such a greener image also makes companies attractive to young talent. Commercially interesting and good for business continuity!

Do you also want to build green?

Would you also like to build green? Request an instant quote for or contact us without obligation and discover the possibilities for your company or project. You can either invest in the purchase of our mobile solar panels or rent a generator!

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