How it works 

In a nutshell 

Our solar generators are 1-to-1 replacements for conventional diesel generators. As a client, you really notice this at the bottom of the invoice. But as proud technicians, we like to talk about how these savings come about. 

Our solar generators consist of 2 built-in generators. The primary generator consists of the solar panels, batteries and inverters. It operates completely without emissions, noise or fuel. The solar generator also includes a backup generator that runs on a bio-diesel manufactured from plant residues called HVO100. This backup generator is ready when urgency is required, such as in the event of a breakdown or a sudden peak load. The two generators work closely together so you don’t have to worry about this. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we make sure an on-site technician is ready with an appropriate solution. 

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How it works 

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The power generators come in various sizes - from 3 kVA to 120 kVA-, so that all construction sites and events can be supplied with renewable energy on site. Our renewable generators can save up to 100% of CO2 and nitrogen with comparable costs to a conventional diesel generator

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For the technicians 

If you want to know how the generators are build, we can take apart the 15 kVA model. This solar generator consists of:  

2.6 kWp solar panels 

29 kWh battery capacity  

15 kVA inverters (12 kW) 

Solar panels typically generate more power than necessary. Our data shows that on average, only 15% of a generator is used. This means an average of only 1.8 kW is extracted from a 15 kVA generator.  

The solar panels also work on cloudy or rainy days. A 15 kVA generator must also be able to peak to, say, 11 kW. The solar panels cannot provide this one-to-one. This is when the batteries are used to absorb this peak. In total, there is about 2 hours of battery capacity in our solar generators. This means the batteries can handle 2 hours of peak load. In practice, this usually equates to 2 working days of power without having to recharge via solar panels. *  

The backup generator can be used to charge the batteries or provide instant power when needed. Any capacity that is not used immediately, is used to charge the batteries. Meaning our backup generator is always fully deployed, whenever it is needed. This gives it a much higher efficiency compared to a generator that is not fully utilised. Our generators also meet the latest emission standards (Stage 5 / Euro 6 for the 15 kVA solar generator). 

*15% of 15 kVA is 1.8 kW. 29 kWh / 1.8 kW is 16.1 hours 

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