Model 6 kVA

No emissions, no fuelΒ 

The 6kVA solar-powered generator consists of a pallet chassis – that can be moved using a forklift – and two systems: the primary solar-powered generator and the battery capacity. This provides green and renewable energy on-site, with no emissions, and without the need for fuel.Β 

This model also has a backup generator that can take over temporarily, for example, in an emergency. So, you always have access to power. This model of solar-powered generator provides enough power for a portable office, mobile security or tools on-site.Β 

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On-site sustainable energyΒ 

On-site sustainable energyΒ 

The solar panels and batteries produce completely sustainable energy on-site. This enables you to power your construction site without CO2 or nitrogen emissions.Β 

318kg CO2 per week
513 grams of nitrogen per weekΒ 

Our 6kVA solar-powered generator saves an average of €128 in fuel costs per week. This makes the operating cost of our generator financially comparable to that of a diesel generator. The various reports provide insight into exactly where these savings are being made, and whether a smaller generator might be sufficient.Β 

The solar-powered generator does not require any fuel, making it much easier and cheaper to maintain. And because it doesn’t have a noisy engine, and doesn’t burn any fuel, it also saves a lot of disruption and inconvenience for local residents and employees. This means everyone in the project, from headquarters to the construction site, saves on the most important aspects of a project.Β 

On average, 318 kg of CO2 per week
On average, 513 grams of nitrogen per week
On average, €128 on fuel per weekΒ 

Potential savings

CO2 emissions (kg WTW)

NOx emissions (kg WTW)

Used diesel weekly

Total costs weekly

Model specifications 

  • 6 kVA: 1x 400V 16A & 2x 230V 32AΒ 
  • 7.2 kWh battery capacityΒ 
  • 990 Watts peak solar energyΒ 
  • Dimensions: 1.6 m x 1.1m x 1.9 m (LxWxH)Β 
  • Total weight: 900 kgΒ 
  • Back-up generator: 400V / 6 kVA Stage V on 100% HVO biodiesel, turns off automatically and starts up automatically. Used to fully charge batteries (max. 2 hours charging time)Β 

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