Hybrid and sustainable energy supply for construction site security

Energy for site security

Construction sites often do not (yet) have a connection to the grid. Yet energy is necessary for carrying out the work. Not only that, but securing the construction site is also important, especially in remote locations. Hanging security cameras offers a solution. A 6 kVA generator provides enough energy to run a camera. Our generators offer a schuko connection (socket) compatible with almost all camera systems in the market.

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Hybrid and sustainable energy supply for construction site security

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The power generators come in different sizes - from 6 kVA to 120 kVA - so that all construction sites and events can be supplied with renewable energy on site. Our bio-solar-hybrid generators are more sustainable than conventional diesel generators and hybrid diesel-battery generators. When the sun is not shining, our generators automatically switch from solar to battery and then to bio-diesel genset. This way, we make sure you always have power..

Practical and better for the environment

Our hybrid power generators operate on solar, battery and bio-diesel power. This means less fuel is needed to run the generator. More sustainable, and also very practical. After all, the hybrid bio-solar generator provides enough energy to secure the construction site with camera systems, which is very safe. Because you rent a hybrid bio-solar generator from Volta Energy, it can be easily dismantled at the end of the construction site.

Solar generator with schuko

Our hybrid bio-solar generators contain a schuko socket. This is a ”normal” home, garden and kitchen socket. This type of connection is compatible with most camera systems in the market. This is convenient because it eliminates the need for additional accessories to connect your cameras. In addition, the hybrid generator also provides enough energy for making backups. At Volta Energy, we also continuously monitor our generators and immediately anticipate any breakdowns or required maintenance. Our generators have a backup system. So, as a security guard, you no longer have to worry about energy supply for construction site security. We call this full-service care.

More sustainable generators

Security is important because construction work often leaves everything exposed and a lot can be destroyed or stolen. Security cameras come in handy for roadworks, vacancy management, site security and wind farms, among other things. During construction, minimising inconvenience to local residents is a plus. With a hybrid bio-solar generator from Volta Energy, you opt for a quieter solution. Generators that make hardly any noise and also emit less.

Always enough power

Sustainability is paramount in construction and site security. And conventional diesel generators cause a lot of odour, as well as environmental pollution. With a hybrid bio-solar genset, you opt for a more sustainable way of generating, where the energy is always sufficient. If required, we scale up the capacity by linking the solar panels modularly. This allows you to use more sustainable energy throughout the entire construction project.

Affordable security on the building site

Costs are also something to consider during a construction project. Did you know that with a hybrid bio-solar genset, you will save much more than when generating energy with a conventional diesel genset? Several customer cases have already shown that the savings can run into the hundreds of euros. Of course, at Volta Energy we look at the capacity required for your construction and security plans, so that the hybrid genset will provide sufficient energy. Contact us for the possibilities and choose sustainable, economical and noise-free construction site security.

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