Volta Energy at Dragons Den

Green mobile energy

Since 2015, Volta Energy, which has already welcomed the Ministry of Defense and the Municipality of Arnhem as customers, has been actively developing a new, clean way of providing mobile energy. To generate energy at a specific location, polluting petrol and diesel generators are still often used, but if it is up to Volta Energy, a transition will take place as soon as possible that is future-proof and throws all existing disadvantages overboard.

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Volta Energy at Dragons Den

Sustainable mobile energy supply for the construction and event industry

Bleumer says: ‘The world is facing the consequences of climate change. While there is a lot of focus on sustainability and a lot of research and (technological) development taking place, the transition to a green and mobile energy supply lags behind in the current conservative mobile energy market. The transition to a green alternative to the currently used diesel generator can be much faster.’

About the broadcast

In his younger days, Roel Bleumer, owner and founder of Volta Energy, saw that power at even wind farms was generated by diesel generators. This made him determined to change this. Roel then set to work with his brother Luc to build a sustainable generator in his parents’ barn. Six years later, he is pitching on national TV in front of five successful entrepreneurs.

Although Roel has pitched before, this pitch was quite exciting for the young entrepreneur: ‘In three minutes, I summarised four years of my life. Things could also go horribly wrong in front of the entire Netherlands and there was something at stake. We came up with the idea of raising 120,000 euros in investment, but in the broadcast all the Dragons ended up wanting to invest a tonne each in the product, with which each would get ten per cent company share.

The next step for Volta Energy

With the investment of Dragons’ Den, Volta Energy will not only expand its fleet of sustainable solar generators, but also improve its existing generators and develop new models. A preview of the future was already given during the Dragons’ Den broadcast, because Bleumer pitched his most ambitious generator to date: the 120kVA version.

Bleumer: ‘We are very happy with this investment and it is great that our vision for a sustainable future is underlined by the jury. In the broadcast we pitched our plans for the development of a 120 kVA variant and thanks to the investment of the jury we can actually develop this generator with an enormous capacity. It is incredible to see that this project, which started so to speak in my parents’ shed during my studies, can now be developed on a large scale.’

Investments will also be made in recruiting new personnel and in marketing.

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