Renewable energy for construction site Arnhem

The issue

From July to the present, Gebroeders van Kessel and Volta Energy have teamed up to achieve a sustainable construction site. At the Eldens dike site, a 40 kVA diesel generator was previously running. This 40 kVA generator was running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This was in connection with 24/7 camera security. Average diesel consumption was around 400 litres per week.

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Renewable energy for construction site Arnhem


Diesel savings per week


Nitrogen savings per week (NOx kg)


CO2 savings per week (kg)

7 days

Renewable energy for construction site Arnhem

The objective

To provide van Kessel’s work with all necessary energy, sustainably of course. Appropriate solutions must be found at various locations in Arnhem to supply the construction site, container and electrical equipment. As fits exactly within the shared mission to strengthen the energy transition.

The challenge

The challenge? Providing all the power needed to carry out work in and around Arnhem. Several locations such as Elden’s dike and the bridge on Apeldoornseweg need to be supplied with sustainable energy. For financial purposes, this should also prove advantageous compared to diesel generators. Less cost and still more sustainable!

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The results

At various locations in Arnhem, the 15 kVA Solar Aggregate & 45 kVA Solar Aggregate powered the construction shack, container and electrical equipment as sustainably as possible. After the work on Eldensedijk was completed, work started on the bridge in Apeldoornseweg over Cattepoelse weg. During this work, electrical tools were used significantly more. This required higher power, which the newly released 45 kVA Zon-Aggregaat (solar generator) is perfectly capable of delivering.

With the arrival of the solar power generator, as much energy as possible was supplied from the solar panels in combination with the battery pack. This way, energy could be used without emissions. Should additional energy be needed for an emergency, an automatically switched-on back-up biodiesel aggregate (HVO100) could be used.

In addition to the huge savings in CO2 and NOX, the solar aggregate also had an overall lower price than the conventional diesel aggregate. A conventional diesel aggregate always supplies energy, even at times when virtually no energy is required. A diesel genset should always run at 1500 rpm. On this construction site, an average of 0.85 kW was used. The diesel genset is designed to generate 16 kW (20 kVA) on average. This difference results in a huge energy efficiency loss. The backup biodiesel in the Volta Solar Generator delivers its electrical power to the battery. Thereby, all energy is ‘harvested’ from the diesel genset. This yields the highest possible efficiency and thus a large diesel saving.

In addition to these Diesel, CO2 and NOX savings, the solar power generator has caused less inconvenience to local residents, had a positive influence on the image of the construction site on the neighbourhood and provided a sustainable image.

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Renewable energy for construction site Arnhem

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The power generators come in different sizes - from 6 kVA to 120 kVA - so that all construction sites and events can be supplied with renewable energy on site. Our bio-solar-hybrid generators are more sustainable than conventional diesel generators and hybrid diesel-battery generators. When the sun is not shining, our generators automatically switch from solar to battery and then to bio-diesel genset. This way, we make sure you always have power..

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