Solar generator keeps temporary traffic facilities running in Rotterdam

The problem

At Volta Energy, we love a challenge and this time we were presented with a problem in Rotterdam by BUKO. Due to roadworks here, BUKO was responsible for temporary traffic facilities, such as temporary traffic lights, to create and also maintain a safe situation despite the works. However, this of course requires a power supply, something that is not usually readily available on the street.

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Solar generator keeps temporary traffic facilities running in Rotterdam


Diesel savings

542 liter

Diesel savings


CO2 savings (kg)

30 days

Solar generator keeps temporary traffic facilities running in Rotterdam

The objective

Obviously, firstly, it is desirable that temporary traffic facilities can work relatively cheaply, but at the same time are not too damaging to the environment. In addition, for roadworks in the city, it is important that local residents are inconvenienced as little as possible while it has to work day and night. Experience shows that a conventional diesel generator causes the necessary noise nuisance. In theory, a solar generator is the perfect solution for this.

The challenge

Safe traffic facilities should always work, 24/7, even when it is cold, dark or wet. In the dark winter months, the work took place in January and February, generating the required energy via PV panels thus does not seem the most obvious solution.

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The results

BUKO’s work in Rotterdam took place in January and February, months that do not exactly excel in sunshine hours. However, energy consumption was limited, so the 6 kVA solar generator was chosen in combination with a back-up generator. BUKO has ten Volta Energy solar generators in use in the Netherlands, so they know what to expect. Thanks to a smart IoT application, this backup genset only had to step in during the day, so there was no noise pollution for local residents at night. Rotterdam was thus able to sleep peacefully.

At the same time, substantial savings of over €425 were made over a 30-day period compared to a diesel generator, while 542 litres less diesel was consumed. Beyond the financial savings, this has resulted in CO2 emissions reduction of 2056kg and 2.49kg less nitrogen (NOx) has been emitted. This allows us to conclude that the target has been more than achieved.

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Solar generator keeps temporary traffic facilities running in Rotterdam

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